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Our goal is to create a nurturing and loving environments in order for our infants to feel safe and confident. Research demonstrates how crucial interaction with kind and friendly adults is in a nurturing, safe and stimulating  environment during the first stages of development. 


We strive to work with parents to make Global Pioneer Academy feel like a "home away from home" for all of our infants. All infant schedules are individualized based on child and family needs. A great tool we use is our parent communication app where we update all infant info LIVE. Throughout the day parents can see when their infant took a nap, when they ate, when their diaper was changed, and all other daily activity. Parents and teachers can communication on the app and work together to ensure the best care for the infant. 


To create a positive first experience for your infant our teachers are in constant interaction with them. Whether it is reading, singing, signing, or hugging your children is always getting the attention they deserve. These children will be constantly exploring themselves and the world through music, art, and both the English and Mandarin language all while engaging with peers and teachers. 


Come in and meet our fantastic infant room staff! 




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