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Toddlers (18months-21/2)


An active environment and prompting curiosity is very important to us in our Toddler room! In this room we help our toddlers explore the world around them through sights, smells sounds and textures. Our teachers help explore through our five guided classroom areas. These areas include dramatic play, sensory, blocks, art, and music. 

Our teachers allow toddlers to feel secure enough to explore and discover on their own while also providing them with opportunities to continue that exploration in a safe and loving environment. 

The Toddler room curriculum has endless opportunities for growth. Your toddlers will explore and strengthen their own bodies in the multi-purpose room and playground full of gross motor equipment. Your toddlers will sing and move to their favorite songs as well as add more words to their word banks in zumbini and music and movement classes. Your toddlers will have plenty of hands on learning experiences to help stimulate senses and achieve high levels of learning. These hands on learning experiences can look like planting in our garden to puppet play in a read-a-long!

Our teachers strive to help children achieve self-reliance. We teach independence by positive role modeling. This can look like teaching children how to ask/sign for something they need, helping/showing children to put away toys, throw out their garbage or fold up their nap mat, and teaching children how to share and be kind to their friends. Giving children these small acts of personal responsibility play a huge role in the development of their self-image and feelings towards positive self-worth. 

Positive discipline plays a big role in this room and we strive to eliminate any types of negative words and replace them with a positive one. We use our "gentle hands and our walking feet." Our staff are role models for kindness. We show how to give hugs and we demonstrate the emotions our actions have so children not only understand their own emotions but start to grasp how other friends are feeling. 


Come in and meet our fantastic Toddler room staff! 




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