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Preschool 2 (3-4)


The preschool 2 room utilizes a safe and stimulating environment that allows our children to fully learn and grow at an accelerated pace. Our lesson plans involve hands on activities that give children the opportunity to explore individual interests through small/large group activities that focus on learning objectives around math, science, reading/writing, cognitive and social emotional skills and also through choice play. 

Our lesson plans and daily schedule are made around the monthly themes and include a letter, number and color of the week. 

Our daily structure will include :

  • Morning meeting: As a large group children and teachers discuss shared thoughts, go over the calendar, weather and the question of the day (based off the theme of the month). The letter, number and color of the week is introduced/reinforced along with a preview of the activities for the rest of the day. 

  • Story time: Reading as a group allow children to identify/use new vocabulary words and comprehension skills. We find that setting aside times for group reading allow children to develop a love for literature and a desire to pick up a book to look by themselves. 

  • Language/reading readiness: The letter of the week is taught by a number of hands on learning activities that help children develop the fine motor skills/hand writing practice to write letters, letter identification skills and letter/sound identification skills. 

  • Math skills: children learn through small groups/play initiated activities. Classify, compare, measure, order, count and sort using math related materials and hands on activities. 

  • Science discovery: Children are invited to observe, explore, investigate, predict and experiment with a variety of S.T.E.M activities. 

  • Social interaction: Meaningful conversations with teachers and peers are a huge part of our daily structure. Social interacrtions are promted through all activities in order for children to acquire daily positive interactions, self confidence, and public speaking skills. We strongly encourage children to use social interactions in situations where they need to express how they are feeling or what they need. The use of social interactions help children learn the how to share and take turns. 

  • Foreign languages: Global Pioneer Academy is known for our Mandarin immersion program. At this age, children's brains allow them to grasp concepts, such as foreign languages, at an amazingly fast pace. With one English speaking teacher and one Mandarin speaking teacher, children are immersed in Mandarin culture and pick up on the language quickly through 30 minute daily Mandarin classes and constant communication in Mandarin throughout the day. On top of Mandarin, daily sign language is used throughout classrooms. 

  • Music: Music is a consistent part of our day. We sing songs on our piano in English and Mandarin. and we have Zumbini every Monday. 

  • Choice time: Our curriculum is based upon learning through play. Research shows how important it is to allow children to have time to choose what they would like to explore in the classroom. This not only promotes decision making it promotes children's sense of responsibility and independence, Giving children time to choose what they would like to do invites them to discover likes, dislikes and helps them identify good decision making skills.

  •  Gross motor: We love to move around! Our tiny feet travel from our playground, to our multi-purpose ("dance") room, to our indoor play structure! Magic town has slides, ball pits and structures to climb and strengthen our bodies

Come in and meet our loving Preschool 2 room staff! 




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