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Preschool 1 (21/2-31/2)


The academic and social growth of children at this age is remarkable! Learning through play, experimentation and observation help children grow academically and help children start long lasting friendships. 

Our preschool 1 teachers are energetic, patient and kind leaders who encourage children to pursue their interests and discover what they are passionate about in order to develop a sense of self. 

Hands on learning is a huge part of our preschool 1 room. We stress the process of discovery by always stopping to answer the "why's" and "hows."In this room you will see a lot of answering questions and decision making. Throughout the day we enjoy testing our fine motor skills through activities such as drawing, play dough and building blocks.  Our playground and indoor climbing equipment allow children to enhance their gross motor abilities. The children move and dance to their favorite songs in zumbini classes with our certified zumbini instructor/lead preschool 1 teacher. When the children are tired out or need a place to rest they find themselves in our cozy corner surrounded by books. We integrate as many of the senses as possible into each learning activity in order to fully enhance each individual learning experience. 

Our preschool 1 teachers are our children's biggest fans, best friends and #1 role models. Being role models are an important aspect of this room, as we teach through example. This also highlights the idea of pretend play, which tends to sky rocket at this age. We look for teachable moments and strive to be in constant communication with our children. In addition, teachers help identify appropriate emotional and social behaviors by being a positive role model and establishing a sense of responsibility within each child in the room. This sense of responsibility help children identify themselves as competent human beings and feel noticed and important.   

Come in and meet our loving Preschool 1 room staff! 




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