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New Guidelines and Policies 

 1, Regarding the reopening, what ALL the new changes and policies will be?


    •    We will require each parent to take their child temperature before bringing them to school and we check each parent and child's temperature before they enter the building. We test the staff's temperature too. If it is above 100.4 they cannot come for 24 hours. 


    •    Parents and their kids will keep 6 feet away from others while checking in and we may stagger the pick up and drop off times base on the numbers. 


    •    Each child need to sanitize their hands before entering their classrooms, and keep washing hands during the day. And we will teach them not to touch their mouth and eyes and cover coughs and sneezes. 


    •    Public playrooms will be closed.


    •    The same group of students and teachers need be separated from other groups during the day. 


    •    We will prepare enough supplies and toys so the teachers and students will not share items. 


    •    Close person to person contact ( hugging, wrestling, games involving touching and tagging) will be strictly limited and discouraged. 


    •    Staff are required to wear masks and children over 2 will be encouraged to wear masks (not during nap time).


    •    We will also have cleaning and sanitation procedure for our staff. 


    2,  What is the protocol if a child is diagnosed with COVID-19? Or if a parent or relative is diagnosed with it? Will everyone be notified?

           If a child, a staff, a parent or close relative is diagnosed of COVID-9, we will notice everyone and whoever has exposure to that person need be stay home for 14 days 


    3,     How many kids will be in each class going forward?

           not  more than 10 

    4,     How many teachers per class?

          We will have two teachers to stay in the same room so they can break each other for lunch during nap time since we can not arrange another teacher to break them.   


    5,     Will there still be shared food or lunches and snacks provided?

           Based on the guidelines from the state, family style meals are prohibited. So students need to bring their own food and snacks.


    6,     Will the tuition  cost stay the same or increase?

            It will stay the same.  


    7,     Will there be staggered drop-off and pick-up times for parents? We usually do early drop-off with my child; will that option still be available?

           We will make arrangements based on the number.   We will try our best to accommodate your needs.  We will see the number of students and staff, and then let you know. 


    8,     Will the kids be required to social distance if they’re in the same class?



  9,     How will you ensure that every toy is sanitized after every use?

          We will provide enough toys so they will not share toys and then arrange staff to sanitize the toys periodically during the day.


  10,     Will the kids be required to wear masks?

           We will encourage kids who are over 2 to wear a mask but we understand  it's hard for them so we will try to keep social distance during the day. 

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