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We believe that children should be inspired to try new things, create, explore and be challenged.  From soccer to karate, music to robotics and art, our enrichment activities are included in your tuition so that every child has an equal opportunity.  

At Ren Schools, you'll find a partner in your child's development.  Our administrators and teachers are dedicated to ensuring that your child's specific needs are met and that they receive the individual attention and care that they need to thrive.


Our trained teachers focus on individual development in cognitive, social-emotional, creative, and physical areas, as well as language development in both native language and second language (Mandarin Chinese). 


We place an importance on getting to know you as a family and your child as an individual and because we know that no two children are the same, our teachers work collaboratively with you to ensure that your child is developing at their own pace and being challenged appropriately.  Through this collaborative process, we have seen that children become self confident and self-assured, free to express themselves and their individuality!  


Child Safety


One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is leaving your children in the care of someone else.  We understand that, we're parents too.  We take great pride in the safety of our children and families. 

Our facilities maintain the highest security with individual key-fob entry for families, front office staff who are always available, and closed-circut security cameras in all rooms.  Our administration and staff are always available to you for questions or concerns and we welcome parents to drop in during the day and check on their child via monitors.  You'll feel better seeing them have fun, we know!


Our teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid and we have Epi-Pen trained administators on staff as well.  

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Who doesn't love to wear pajamas all day?! We do!  Don't forget that May 20th is Pajama Day!


We know that parents need a break and a dinner without cartoons or crayons.  Join us on May 21st for a night out.  Drop your kids off, let them play with friends, enjoy pizza and a movie.  You enjoy some much needed adult time.  We've got the rest covered.  


Memorial day is the end of May and our facilities will be closed so that our staff can celebrate with their loved ones.  Please make note that school is closed on Monday, May 30th.

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