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Curious about bi-lingual education & daycare?  

Join us for a casual conversation to learn about our mission, vision and internationally recognized curriculum.


Saturday, August 13th

10:30-12:00 p.m.

Interesting learning what makes us unique? Curious to learn about the benefits of bi-lingual daycare, preschool, pre-k and k-3?Join our President, Chief Operating Officer & Chinese Educational Director in an open conversation about the benefits of Global Pioneer Academy, our immersion-language techniques and our internationally acclaimed curriculum.   

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Sally Zhang, President

Sally is an educator at heart and holds her Masters Degree in Education.  She is passionate about helping children learn and grow in a nurturing and warm environment. Prior to founding Global Pioneer Academy, Sally founded a global education company who is credited with teaching mandarin to some of the worlds leading CEO and government officials.  She has shown international leadership in immersion language programs and is committed to bring her expertise to the children and families of GPA. 

  • Our mission of Education: we're more than a daycare.  We are a mission-focused educational institution.  We take pride in that our work is centered and rooted in values of global diversity and supporting the whole family.  That's the GPA difference.  
  • Benefits of Bi-Lingual Education:  learn about the benefits of learning an additional (sometimes third!) language in a school setting.  Learn why an additional language enhances what your child is already learning at home and compliments their work in school.
  • Immersion Method of Teaching:  immersion teaching is the method in which children learn a second language.  Learn about how our progressive model gives children building blocks to learn a new language and why our classrooms are specifically designed to enhance this teaching method.

Jennifer Thompson, COO

Jennifer is a social worker by training and has worked in the nopnrofit/education sector throughout her entire career.  She has a dual-Masters Degree in Social Work and International Policy from Columbia University and has taught at various Colleges throughout the country.  As a mother who has a child in an immersion learning enviornment, she has seen the benefits in her own family and is passionate about sharing her experience with others.  

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There's no fee or obligation to enroll.  Learn more, take a tour.  Have your questions answered.  Childcare is provided, they'll love our indoor playground, we promise!
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