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Global Immersion Accreditation

For our families who know and love us, you know that we are committed to providing the best quality education and experiences for your children. We are so committed to our standards of excellence that we seek accreditation whenever possible, inviting outside entities to review our standards, explore our curriculum and evaluate our teaching methods, and teachers. We believe that by doing so, we're stronger.

We are thrilled to share that we recently received accreditation by Global Immersion Schools, the only international accreditation body for immersion programs. This accreditation process is incredibly important as we are Global Pioneer Academy is the ONLY school in New Jersey who has received this prestigious seal of excellence.

Why is that important? Because not all language programs are created equal. Teaching a second language to children using immersion methodology requires a specific set of methods, applications, curriculum and experienced teachers. At Global Pioneer Academy, we met these international standards by providing native English and Mandarin speaking teachers in all of our classrooms. This dual-language day provides students constant access to both languages and the ability to hear instructions and common conversation in both. Our native mandarin teachers provide a wealth of experience to our students, helping them master the specific nuances and tones of language.

We could not be more excited to have received this prestigious recognition and invite our parents, prospective parents and friends into our classroom to see why we are the only school in New Jersey meeting this exceptional standard.

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