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full Day Kindergarten

One thing we know for certain is that small classroom sizes and individual attention is critical in early childhood education.  We also know that continuing children's bilingual education is imperative as they truly begin to master their new language skills.  That's why we offer a licensed Bilingual K-3 program that meets Common Core State Standards and is rooted in a Montessori based philosophy.  


We work collaborativly with each family to empower their children to be responsbile, respectiful, independent, confident and intellectually inquisitive.  


In our bilingual K-3 program, we challenge our studetns to have a strong sense of self and global appreciation by bringing together Western and Eastern cultures and creating Global Citizens who posess critical 21st Century Skills.  


Why choose GPA for K-3? Great question?  Here are some of the advantages: 


+ Full Day Kindergarten 

+ Mandarin Immersion 
+ Music, Karate, Gu Zheng, Soccer, Art 


Do you have a child who may miss the public school Kindergarten birthday cut-off?  With our flexible program, many children are able to start our Kindergarten program.  Ready to learn more? Contact us today.




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