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Mandarin Immersion


When we say someone is bilingual, it means that they are fluent in two languages, and equally as proficient.


For decades, educators and linguistics have found numerous advantages of bilingualism through plenty of research. "Bilingualism is not just language learning, but also benefits our social lives. It has been proven to make our brains stronger and more efficient."


Bilingual students learn quickly, develop cognitive abilities well, and typically have more opportunities to find a job. Bilingual education is widely applied in the United States, and is growing more and more each year. Bilingualism gives your child an added advantage at life, as it builds stepping stones of knowledge preparing for growth.


Our Mandarin Immersion program brings Mandarin into your childs classrom every day and is supported throughout daily activities.  Native Mandarin teachers co-teach with native English speaking teachers.  Each curriculum is tailored to be age-appropriate and fun. From learning songs to playing cultural games in Mandarin, children are encouraged to master funamental language skills and apply them in their daily activities.

April 29, 2016

Mandarin Immersion Programs

Mandarin Immersion Programs are rapidly growing in the United States and globally.  Research illustrates that when children learn a second langauge at an early age, and from native speakers, they have a better grasp on the language retain more language skills long-term.  

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