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Daycare & Preschool

Our traditional daycare provides parents and caregivers exceptional care and learning opportunities for their children in a warm, nurturing environment.  We understand that not all families have the same schedule and we pride ourselves on offering flexible schedules.  Our daycare and preschool is open to children starting as young as 6 weeks old through Kindergarten.  


All meals and snacks (once on solid food) is included in your tuition.


Our hours are 7:30 a.m.-5:30p.m  Monday-Friday. 



Cloth Diaper Friendly

We share your committment to the envrionment and it is our desire to make it easy for you to maintain your cloth diapering efforts while your children are with us.  We are a cloth-diaper friendly facility and work with cloth-diapering families to ensure you can continue that effort.  Interesed in cloth diapering and how it works in today's world? Let us know! We're happy to provide you with more information on how you can easily implement this in your own home!



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